Ho Hum… Boredom…

Ho Hum… Boredom…

Gunner and Nick after dinner...
Gunner and Nick after dinner…


“OMG, GUNNER!!!!!  WHAT is WRONG with you?!”  “Mommmmmmmmmm!  I’m Boreddddddddd!!!  (There are many signs that your Dogue is bored.)

Dogs need to have a lot of mental stimulation. They also need structure. When you don’t give a dog a set schedule and a set of boundaries, along with a good set of rules, that’s when the problems begin. There are a number of signs that your dog needs more mental stimulation, here’s just a few…

Number one: Whining.

Your Dogue will start to whine at you, maybe even bark at you a little bit and take the play stance. They want to play, they need exercise, and they’re pretty much begging you for it. Just think of when you were a kid and you used to whine mom there was nothing to do! That’s pretty much what you’re dealing with right here.

Number two: Digging.

Dogs also not only need stimulation, but they need to expel energy. Have you ever watched a dogue dig like he knows there’s a bone somewhere 5 feet down in the ground? They almost look like they’re angry, they dig so hard! That’s their way of burning up pent up energy.

Number three: Non-stop barking.

They don’t even necessarily have to hear anything outside, they will just bark. And bark. And BARK. Do they want to go to the door? Maybe. Do they hear something? Maybe. But you won’t know until you go check the door, at which point they will be hot on your heels, thinking they’re going out. In his eyes? Mission accomplished! Where’s my leash?!

Number 4: Tail chasing.

Its funny as all get out to watch, & a lot of times, it’s from a little dog that has tons of nervous energy. Watching the dog chase its tail until it catches it is one of the greatest belly laughs ever, but it means that they’re bored out of their mind. You need to get this dog out to chase a ball. If you’re not throwing a ball, his tail is the next best thing.

Number 5 Appetite for Destruction.

Gunner has gourmet tastes… he’s a paper conoisseur!

No, I’m not talking about Guns n Roses, I’m talking about your Dogue. When Dogues get bored, there is NOTHING on the floor that isn’t fair game. That includes shoes, toys, stuffed animals of my sons, doesn’t matter. He apparently has gourmet tastes, and is a connoisseur for every type of paper, envelope or letter that he can get in his mouth, including my contracts. Nothing is immune, and it is the biggest mess ever. Did I fail to mention that he is on his third doggie bed? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s just a nervous habit for a Dogue, & a lot of the time they like to hear the sounds that the ripping paper makes. Babies are the same way, believe it or not, just check out the video!

(bet that made ya smile!)