Dogue de Bordeaux, Pure Attitude

The Attitude of a Dogue De Bordeaux is Like No Other…

Dogue de Bordeaux are pure attitude
Gunner, pure attitude

Just like Gunner’s tagline, each Dogue de Bordeaux says, “I am my own dog!”  This dog can be a walking personality, but just as quickly can be a bad attitude on 4 legs…

This dog is full of himself, and trust me, VERY assured and confident of his abilities for anything and everything.  A lot of the time, if they want something, they’re going to get it, with you, or without you.  They want what they want.  This is why they must be trained from an early age that this type of behavior is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work.  I’m being completely honest here.  They’ll try the big puppy dog eyes thing first.  If that doesn’t work, then they try talking to you.  You know, the moaning groaning barking thing.  If that doesn’t work, well, they’ll usually trample you if you’re in the way, or they’ll just find a way through that closed door.  At any cost.  Meaning your wallet when they break said door.

That being said, this dog is usually the coolest dog EVER.  They are very verbal, very vocal.  They strut when they walk.  Full of confidence.  This is a very proud breed, and, they expect to be treated as such, lol!  So get them out, keep them social, and let that attitude shine!