What’s that SMELL???

What’s that SMELL???

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting there, just and trying to enjoy your favorite movie. You’ve got your popcorn, you’ve got your soda, comfy on your couch, and then it happens. That make you gag, eyebrow melting, nose hair melting smell comes and makes you yell, “good gravy, what the hell IS that?!”

Big dogs eat big amounts of food. Bigger kibble than the average dog. And, if you let them get too hungry, they will inhale said bigger kibble without much chewing. That would take too long, and dang it, he’s HUNGRY! What does that mean for you? One loooooong night if your dog likes to sleep by you.

These dogs can have rank gas for any number of reasons. Yes, it could be that they’re inhaling their food, or something not agreeing with them. But you do need to be concerned about the quality of the food you’re giving them. If you go back to the chapter about growing pains, there are certain ratios that this particular breed needs to meet as far as their diet. Carrots and greens are always good treats. Dogue de Bordeaux also LOVE eggs. We have hens here, and the fresh eggs are a good addition to their diet. Brown rice, ground beef… Probiotics are especially good for keeping bad gas to a minimum. Another product which I highly recommend is Grizzly Salmon Oil. Not only does it support healthy skin and shiny fur, it’s also heart healthy, which a dog this big really needs. It’s full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Another supplement that I strongly recommend is diatomaceous earth sprinkled in their food. It keeps all of the bad stuff out of their system, kills any potential parasites that they might get. But be absolutely sure to get human grade food-grade diatomaceous earth. Anything else is like poison. Pool grade is not to be ingested!

So just be sure to top that off with a good joint supplement. Glucosamine and chondroitin are good supplements for joint support. These are always really good for the breed, especially to prevent growing pains in conjunction with a good diet. ¬†Click on the “Health Supplies” link below to find probiotics, joint supplements, vitamins and minerals mentioned above…

Health Supplies